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Thread: Application Hangs Error

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    Application Hangs Error

    I need some help with fixing a application error that I am facing. Constantly on my screen I am facing problem with freezing a application. I went inside Event Viewer were I found the issue is related to explorer.exe. The system I am using is IBM T43. The OS it has is Windows XP Pro SP2. The complete error log is
    Source: Application Hang
    Event ID:1002
    Hanging application IEXPLORE.EXE,version 6.0.2900.2180,hang module
    hang address,0x00000000

    I am trying to fix the issue but still nothing worked. I even installed some new updates, but the issue is common. It looks the updated edition of IE is not stable at all.

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    Re: Application Hangs Error

    Did you tried re-installing Internet Explorer 7. Just do that once. Go on Control Panel > Add Remove program and remove it first. Then download a fresh setup from the web and install it back again. I am sure that will be more than enough to fix the issue you are facing. There can be problem with some files which are not stable due to which you are facing problem. Just run the setup once again and the issue will be resolved.

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    Re: Application Hangs Error

    What is the version of IE you are using. It looks the new one is not working on your pc. You can run system restore to get your old edition back. And this time updating over existing perform a clean installation. That will be more better to some extent. Because updates can be messy but if you install the setup from scratch the issue will be resolved.

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    Re: Application Hangs Error

    The browser cash for number of reason. One of them is flash player. I was also trying to install the new edition but that did not worked. It crashed. It is so annoying. I thought this would be a kind of common bug. But later I performed a fresh installation from scratch and the issue was fixed. It now going well. But still it freezes in between while working. I had updated everything here.

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    Re: Application Hangs Error

    Are there any addons or plugins installed on your web browser. If yes then just get rid of the same. I am sure it is crashing due to that reason only. The plugins in your pc are not compatible with the new browser due to which it crashes. It is essential that you simply disable them while update or remove the existing IE version and install other one over it. That would be better.

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