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Thread: Error Deleting file or folder

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    Error Deleting file or folder

    I am getting the below error message:

    Cannot delete (name) : Data error (cyclical redundancy check).

    I wanted to delete a picture and this occured more than on one file. Does anyone know about a solution? Thanks.

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    Re: Error Deleting file or folder

    You will just have to right click on the drive icon in Windows Explorer > Properties > Tools menu > "Error Checking" and that will sort the problem for you.

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    Re: Error Deleting file or folder

    Thanks but it is not able to complete the disk check and I am still getting error message when trying to delete? Do you have any other method?

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    It seems that you have a bad hard drive since disk checking is failing. You should backup the data quickly. If you will boot to a XP setup disk then it will let you to run recovery console. You can then try to do CHKDSK /R and see if that solves the issue. For more information on the Windows XP Recovery Console check the below link:;EN-US;314058

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    You could try turning off Simple File Sharing, or, get a free program called "unlocker". I use unlocker and have had excellent results.

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    Re: Error Deleting file or folder

    Oh i had the same problem, these files become stacked and are due to long paths, use the tool called long path, it is a tool which deletes and also searches such undeleteable files and also assists in installation and sharing of long pathed files.

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