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Thread: Add Change Default Folder In Look In List

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    Add Change Default Folder In Look In List

    How to change the default folder look in Windows XP Pro. I had installed recently some theming and customization software that cause major changes in my pc. Now the folder view is very basic. I want to restore everything back as it was before. I had removed all those tools from my system. Can anyone show me a proper way of doing the same. Thanks.

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    Did you tried system restore. I am sure that will be more helpful for you to remove any existing settings and restore the old one. I never use any theming stuff on my system. They are quiet buggy. You must keep your system on basic themes as much as possible. Or else this kind of issue will keep on appearing. The most you can do is run system restore and choose the date prior to those software installation and then try back. I am sure that will be quiet enough.

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    If system restore does not work then there are some manual ways to get the old folder view back. You have to go in My Computer and on top you can find Tools. in that click on folder option. On the first window itself you can simply configure the folder view as per your need. There are very few options available in the same. First put back your system on basic theme and then checkout for those other options.

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