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Thread: Can't delete zero length file in Recycle bin

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    Can't delete zero length file in Recycle bin

    There was some kind of programs that created a zero length file with read only and syytem attibutes in the Recylce bin. The name of this program is Dd1.ack and Empty Recycle Bin wont erase it. I have run all the antivirus and malware programs and they do not recognize it as being bad. After searching on google I have tried many suggestions to delete it but nothing is working. Can anyone please help.

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    Re: Can't delete zero length file in Recycle bin

    Incase you drive is NTFS then you can try to go to Start and then Run and then type cmd and then in the window, you can type this - rd /s c:\recycler - and then restart the computer and see recycle bin created automatically.

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    Re: Can't delete zero length file in Recycle bin

    Thanks for the reply, but the drive is not ntfs. I however tried what you have suggested but that didnt work.

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    Here is what I do in such cases:

    Restart the computer
    Hold F8 during restart until start menu appears
    Choose Safe Mode
    Enter the Admin's Account (not always necessary)
    Explore the Recycle Bin with Total Commander (If you don't have it installed, download the freeware and install it)
    Mark the file with Right Click
    Press F8
    Confirm deletion
    Restart your system normally

    That always works for me

    Good Luck!

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