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Thread: when I double click a drive icon i always get the "open with" menu

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    when I double click a drive icon i always get the "open with" menu

    I am having a weird problem in my pc. When I double click on any drive I am getting a open with menu. It is the right click menu. I appears on the double click and it is not ready to go. What should I do here to get rid of the same. I am not able to find any solution here. It is getting annoying day by day. I am getting the same thing on my files also. I had checked for virus there is nothing found.

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    That because of mouse settings. Someone is playing with your pc. You just go in Control Panel and in that click on Mouse .There you can find settings to switch mouse from left hand and right hand. When left hand is ticked the first key turns to right click key. And the last one which is the actual right click menu turns to first click. Just change the settings apply it and then check back. If this does not work then change your mouse.

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