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Thread: importing quicktime videos to movie maker?

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    importing quicktime videos to movie maker?

    This is Windows XP desktop. I have also installed quicktime player on this to watch videos recorded by my camera. I need to make movie with all recoded video files. I have used Movie maker in past and have made several movies but never used the files recoded from my video camera.

    I moved all video files from my camera to a folder where already few video files are stored. But when I try to import them in Movie maker by clicking on “Import video” from movie maker menu, none of my camera videos are showing up. I can see only the videos which were stored there already The only difference in these video files are my camera files have quicktime icon on them and earlier ones have WMP icon.

    Is there any solution to import those quick time videos in Movie maker?

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    Re: importing quicktime videos to movie maker?

    The only reason why those video files are not showing up in “Import video” is because they are compatible with Movie maker. You should know that QuickTime files use to be in .mov extension which is your Camera’s supported file format as well but it is not supported in Windows Movie Maker. Hence you can not import them as it is.

    You will first need to convert you recorded video files in to WMV or any other supported file extension and then import them into Movie Maker.

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