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Thread: svchost.exe using too much memory

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    svchost.exe using too much memory

    My system is getting slower day by day due. I checked in task manager and found that the problem lies with svchost.exe. There are more than 8 process of this application which is eating up my system memory. I cannot terminate them also. I searched on web about the issue and found that the problem can be due to virus also. But my system has detected nothing yet. I need some help to improve my system performance.

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    Re: svchost.exe using too much memory

    Download and install Process Explorer in your pc. It is a nice utility that gives you information on all running process in your system. It works really well in finding out information on the different application which is running in your pc. There is one more utility called as Hijackthis. It also scan the pc and collect ample of information on background processes. I am sure it will be more helpful for you to locate the cause of problem.

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    Re: svchost.exe using too much memory

    There are multiple number of applications which depend on svhost.exe. If you kill the process it will start again. That is a common problem in Windows XP. Boot your pc in safe mode and scan with a good antivirus. You can disable unwanted applications from the startup and then test back. I am sure that will be quiet enough for you to increase the performance of your pc.

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    RE: svchost.exe using too much memory

    Once your system is infected you cannot do anything in that. It will be complicated for you to find a proper solution. There are many virus which remains undetected and generate this kind problem. Just download a good scanner or you can use a bootable antivirus scanner. There are ample of them available. Scan your system. I will recommend you to backup your data firs.t Take a complete backup and then only move ahead with other installation process.

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    Re: svchost.exe using too much memory

    Process Explorer and Hijackthis will only give you information on current process. According to me the best thing you can do here is simply backup your data first. Then you can move ahead with other stuff. If nothing works out the last option which is left is to format your pc and install windows xp back again from scratch. It is always recommended that you use a good antivirus and keep it updated.

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