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Thread: HELP! Remote Procedure Call won't start!

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    HELP! Remote Procedure Call won't start!

    I am getting a error on Remote Procedure Call. When I try to the same I am getting error "Could not start the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service on Local Computer. Error 193: Oxc1". I am trying to that manually but still it is not working well. I performed some registry tweak that I found on the web. I had register rpcss.dll. But still it is not working. How can I fix the problem here.
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    Re: HELP! Remote Procedure Call won't start!

    It is due to the hardware profile which is disabled rightnow. You have to enable the same back again and the error will be fixed. I do not think for that you have to registry those dll files back. I am giving you a link here that has ample of information on your problem. You can simply read the link and find a proper step of fixing the issue.

    "Could not start the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Service. Error 1058" error message when you manually start the Remote Procedure Call service

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    Re: HELP! Remote Procedure Call won't start!

    It can be fixed through a tiny registry tweak. You will need to boot your system in safe mode for doing the same. Just restart your pc in safe mode first. In safe mode type regedit in the Start > Run box. From the left side locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Hardware Profiles\Current\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\ROOT\LEGACY_RPCSS. Right click on EGACY_RPCSS and delete the value. It will be better if you backup the system registry before doing the same. Because if you do this improperly your system might crash.

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    Re: HELP! Remote Procedure Call won't start!

    Sometime security applications cause the issue. You have to turn them off to fix the problem. Even after doing the safe mode thing if this does not work then just check it once under Services in Control Panel. It is located inside Administrative tools. Right click on the remote thing and click on Properties. Set the start-up up at automatic. And then restart your pc. If still it goes off on its own then the option left is to run system restore. This will remove any recently installed applications from the system but will work with provided settings.

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