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Thread: USB-Serial driver

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    USB-Serial driver

    I want to use a device on my pc which has a serial connector. But my pc is only having usb ports. I need some help here to find some kind of adapter or some kind of cable through which I can simply connect my existing serial device to the pc using usb adapter. I am sure that would be more easier in terms of usage. I went to web to search for some usb to serial adapter bu unable to find the same that real works.

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    You can buy a usb to serial adapter from web. There are ample of cables available and it really works. Another important thing you have to do is kept the driver ready for the serial device or else you will face problem with the connectivity. Ample cable that you find on the web offer the same connectivity support. There is one more way to connect the same thing. You can use a pci card with serial port. I am sure that will be enough for connectivity.

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    Re: USB-Serial driver

    Hi,every body
    I have a USB SERIAL cable(omega) for downloading data from my
    Total station but I'v lost it's driver for Windows Xp 32bit.I need it.
    could anybody help me?

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    Re: USB-Serial driver

    Here is the related download link of the official page. All you need to do is to get access to the suite by clicking on the link and then work well, Get the application to be downloaded and then install to the system. As it is been done you may then be able to get function as needed, It will be better for you and may then work well for the same.

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