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Thread: Hide/remove menu bar from Windows Explorer

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    Hide/remove menu bar from Windows Explorer

    It may sound you guys a silly question but I really need to know about the same. I have a Windows XP system and want to know if it is possible to hide the menu bar from windows explorer just like we do in MS Office 2007 (hiding the ribbon)? I know in windows explorer we can remove or hide few menu elements from the tools menu is it possible to hide the menu bar completely? If yes, please let me know how?

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    Re: Hide/remove menu bar from Windows Explorer

    As far as i have experience of XP or any windows operating system, i dont think it is possible in any way. However you can give a try to the tweaking mentioned here Part from this you will need to search for any third party program (replacement of windows explorer) because you cannot do it with the default windows explorer.

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