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Thread: Convert HD file system from "RAW" to "NTFS" on slave drive? (Win X

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    Convert HD file system from "RAW" to "NTFS" on slave drive? (Win X

    Hey guys, I need a bit help from you all. I am running a Windows XP computer with 2 Hard Drives. I added the second hard drive yesterday itself as master Drive “C” and moved the older HDD to E as slaved drive. Everything is working fine after adding the hard drive also both are showing up in Disk Management.

    Now the problem I’m here is New HDD is showing up as NTFS file system while older HDD properties is showing up as RAW file system. So I wanted to know if it is any how possible to convert the "Raw" file system on the primary partition of HD "E" to "NTFS" without formatting as all of my old data (photos, music, etc.) is intact in that partition? Please help.

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    Re: Convert HD file system from "RAW" to "NTFS" on slave drive? (Win X

    As far as I know usually "Raw" data files may be "tough" to access. But still you can try out Knoppix. It is a Linux distribution that runs from a CD - installation to is HD not required. Simply Google it to download.

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