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Thread: Adding commands to "Folder Options/Edit File Type/Actions" grayed-out "Edit" & "Remove"

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    Green_XP Guest

    Adding commands to "Folder Options/Edit File Type/Actions" grayed-out "Edit" & "Remove"

    I am running updated versions of "Trend Micro AntiVirus plus
    AntiSpyware" and "Spy Sweeper" on a Gateway GT5220 (Windows XP Media
    Center Edition Version 2002, Service Pack 2; aka: XP Professional
    Version 5.1.2600, Service Pack 2, Build 2600). This is a 'home
    computer' which makes me "Computer Administrator" according to "User
    Accounts" in "Control Panel".

    I used information from:
    (which apparently does not apply to Windows XP - oops!) to experiment
    with adding 'commands' to the 'pop-up' menu one gets by right-clicking
    on a folder in Windows Explorer.

    I added two commands to "Folder Options/Edit File Type/Actions". The
    commands I added work just fine. They create text files showing a "Dir"
    listing of a file folder. I created two bat.* files in the Windows
    folder to do this. Now the "Edit" & "Remove" buttons are grayed-out.

    The only thing I can think of that I have done since adding these
    "Actions" is turning off my 'puter overnight. Any ideas?

    The new "Directory Listing" action uses Dir_List.bat:

    @echo off
    Dir %1 /-p /o:gne > %temp%\Dir_List.txt
    move %temp%\Dir_List.txt %1
    Start notepad Dir_List.txt

    The new "Bare Directory Listing" action uses Dir_List_Bare.bat:

    @echo off
    Dir %1 /-p /o:gne/b > %temp%\Dir_Bare.txt
    move %temp%\Dir_Bare.txt %1
    Start notepad Dir_Bare.txt

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    Green_XP Guest

    Re: Adding commands to "Folder Options/Edit File Type/Actions" grayed-out "Edit" & "Remove"

    TA-DA! I found the answer to "Edit & Remove buttons are grayed-out" on
    Ramesh Srinivasan's web page at:

    I'm still experimenting with adding the Directory Listing commands. But
    now I know how to 'undo' any commands I may add to this context menu.

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