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Thread: msn download manager

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    msn download manager

    If I am clicking on view for my download manager then all I get is the top part and I cannot see what I have downloaded. I am getting Windows cannot open this file and need to know what file created it. There is something with my file association and I am getting this file - msn25.downloadhost, etc. Please help.

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    RE: msn download manager

    Even I am getting the same message so when you all figure this out the let me know about it also. I am having this problem from ages.

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    RE: msn download manager

    So after removing and reinstalling MSN, it started to work properly. You should also try to do the same and see if it works for you.

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    Even this problem happened with me. I looked many places and the only information I was able to get was that others are also facing this same issue. I have also sent an email to Msn with some screenshot but they told me that it was not their problem. Isnt there a fix for this problem?

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    I have solved this problem now. I just happen to do a reload update of MSN and it solved the issue. I actually went to Help settings and then on more information and then updated MSN from that, and it cured the issue. I must have known this fix earlier if I had gone through this things before.

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    For the last week I've had the same problem. I did a complete reinstallation of XP last week, but now I have this new problem with the Download Manager. It does not show the files as they download and the file host keeps saying the file may be corrupt. With so many people having the same problem I don't think it's on our end but maybe something that MSN has done. Uncle Bill's probably making changes to add more security or something.

    I tried re-installing MSN and it did no good. Has anyone contacted MSN about this? If so, what are they saying? I do alot of downloads and this is a real problem. In the meantime I have installed another download manager. It's really good and it's free for 30 days. It's called Internet Download Manager and it does a fine job and the downloads are faster. The way they download is in bits that come through quicker. I really like it. There are free ones out there but still the MSN manager should be working and if it's not in a few days, I'll call MSN.

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