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Thread: Dell 810 laptop Dual Monitor Issue

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    Dell 810 laptop Dual Monitor Issue

    I need some help with dual monitor setup on Dell 810 laptop. I am not able to use the second monitor. I use to work on the dual monitor from long time. It was working fine before. But somehow after recent updates I started getting problem. The dual monitor is not showing up any screen. When I connect the monitor to laptop it keeps on flashing. There is no display on the screen at all. It looks some recent video driver updates has caused the failure.

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    RE: Dual monitor issue

    Most of the monitors are plug and play. You just need to connect the same and then you can see the output. But if still it is not working then you have to update the video drivers. Ensure that the cable is properly connected and there is no issue with connectivity. It is essential that you must have the latest video driver or else the output will be crashing or black.

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    Even I think that this is something about the video driver. It is essential that you check the same. It happens a number of time that sometime new drivers are updated and this kind of issue appear. You can simply remove the old driver updates and then install the fresh one. Cable connectivity can also be cause behind output.

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