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Thread: Can't change desktop background

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    Can't change desktop background

    I need some help with changing desktop background in my pc. I am using Windows XP. Recently I had installed a few number of themes. Some of them worked and some them crashed with error. So I removed them from control panel. Now I am stuck with a black screen. When I choose any image it is not applied on the background. It looks like the theme is corrupt due to which I am getting this problem. Can anyone tell me how to fix this.

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    Re: Can't change desktop background

    Did you tried system restore. I am sure that will help you. It is necessary that you do not install themes from third party sources. Ample of them are buggy. There are some customization tools also that can help you. Just for instant fix run system restore and then check back. System restore will restore your old settings back. Later on you can simply remove unwanted themes and customization tools from your pc.

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    A number of time some buggy themes create registry issues due to which you cannot add or remove a wallpaper. System restore is a good way of changing the wallpaper. But if that does not work then simply download a registry cleaner on your pc. Download and scan your system with the same. It will wipe out unwanted registry entries and later on I think theming will work.

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