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Thread: error installing iKernel.exe: (0x10000)

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    error installing iKernel.exe: (0x10000)

    I was trying to install fujitsu-siemens extension utilities on my laptop running with Windows XP SP2 but it ended up saying “Error installing iKernel.exe: (0x10000).” I thought upgrading the system may fix the problem hence tried upgrading which ended again with an error message saying:

    “Windows XP Upgrade Compatibility
    The option to upgrade will not be available at this time because Setup was unable to load the file E:\i386\WINNTUPG\NETUPGRD.DLL.

    The system cannot find the file specified.”
    Somebody please let me know what has gone wrong with my system and how can I fix all these error messages? Many thanks.

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    Re: error installing iKernel.exe: (0x10000)

    Hello Nesta,

    Such error may occur most probably when a system file is missing from Windows\System32 folder. IN order to fix the same you can go through the steps provided below:

    • Start the process by clicking on Start button, Run, then type CMD. Click OK.
    • To change to the root folder of drive C, type cd\, and then press ENTER.
    • Insert the Windows XP CD, type Expand cd_drive_letter:\i386\filename.tl_ drive:\Windows\system32\filename.tlb, and then press ENTER, where filename is the name of the file that you want to expand and drive is the letter of the drive where Windows is installed.
    • For help with the Expand command, type EXPAND /? at a command prompt

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    Re: error installing iKernel.exe: (0x10000)

    This error occur due to missing dll files. The setup of install shield relies on some dll file and when are missing from your system you land on new error. The files are usually located in System32 folder. Those files are Stdole32.tlb, Stdole2.tlb & Stdole.tlb. You can try to restore the files from Windows Bootable Disc. The best thing you can do is run a repair setup of Windows and then test back. A repair setup here will overwrite the file and make your system more stable.

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    Re: error installing iKernel.exe: (0x10000)

    To fix the issue from where you will have to download 0x100000 error repair tool. This tool is free to use. Run the tool to resolve the issue. I am not really sure about the download location, but I had used this tool long back when I was getting similar error. It is a easy process. But if this does not work then you have to use the above process where you using Windows disc you have to restore the essential system file that support this application to run properly.

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