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Thread: Internet games Hearts, Spades, Reversi, Backgamon not working on XP Sweet

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    Internet games Hearts, Spades, Reversi, Backgamon not working on XP Sweet

    I am having a Windows XP system where I use to play games earlier like Hearts, Spades, Reversi, Backgamon etc but all they have stopped working now on the same PC for some unknown reason. Whenever I try to play any of these games, for example “Heart”, it gives me an error message saying:

    "Hearts cannot start. Close some programs and try again or try to install again ...."

    Al already tried restarting the system several times but yet the same results. I think the problem would be some required missing modules. As of now I have the following modules present on my system.

    Can anyone please tell me what the problem is? How can I fix the same?

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    Re: Internet games Hearts, Spades, Reversi, Backgamon not working on XP Sweet

    I have been through this problem where games like Spider, Solitaire, Free Cell, etc failed to start. After spending some hours on research finally I turned off IMGICON.EXE from the Task manager By instruction from Iomega, after trying updated download for the Iomega Zip drive, I did a search for IMGICON.EXE and deleted it. It works now. There are also some MS KB articles describing this problem. I think you should check out the same for more help. Here are the same:
    Solitaire Caused General Protection Fault in Module:

    General Protection Fault When Starting Microsoft Solitaire:

    Problems Running FreeCell And Solitaire with Office XP Installed:

    If this wont work, then you should try re-installing the games, hope it will work fine. To do so, click Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > Add Remove Windows Components > Accessories and Utilities > [Details...] > Games / [Details...] > pick your games > Click [OK] 3 times. Note that for doing this you will require Windows XP Installation CD.

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    Re: Internet games Hearts, Spades, Reversi, Backgamon not working on XP Sweet

    I have a problem with playing these games on my windows XP PRO. When I double click on any game (such as bckgzm.exe, in the directory c:\Program Files\MSN Gaming Zone\windows . I get an error banner saying:

    "Backgammon is unable to start. Close some other programs and try again, or try reinstalling Backgammon using Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel"

    1 - I have 2GB of ram and no other apps are running.
    2. I tried the Add/Remove programs, and there is NOTHING there to help me re-install it - unless of course I am not looking in the right place.

    Any help to fix this will be grrreatly appreciated.

    Best regards

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    MSN Internet games file here came in handy!!

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU that sweetheart, lifesaver Dale Swanson!!! I was looking all over every other month, wks at a time 4 this file. I just knew somebody had to have put it up. On my thinkpad I lost some files from a heavy duty cleaning software I used & uninstalled, later realizing my games was gone. But here on my desktop, I noticed nothing was in my MSN Gaming Zone\Windows\ files (blank folder) and everytime I tried 2 play my fav spades (only hearts worked), a window came up giving me the same problem everybody in postings above had. I replaced Dales w/ my own and now everything works but the Spades =( the one I want...and the pinball is over in the Service Pack i386 file and that says the wavemix.inf file is missing. Everything wasworking up until I used that ATF cleaner & took the SP3 update. Anyway now I have to figure out what Dale mean by "edit a file", but I jus wanted him 2 know his file came in handy...if he ever comes back 2 check his post!! Good looking out =)

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    Re: Internet games Hearts, Spades, Reversi, Backgamon not working on XP Sweet

    Hi, Dale. (or anyone else that may see this reply)
    I was wondering if you would possibly be able to repost the zip of those MSN Internet game files. I had Windows XP Pro on my old computer. And, have recently acquired a newer and faster computer. It has Windows XP on it, but I have tried to download the games files from the 'add remove windows components" but it does not give me an option to download the MSN internet games (like reversi, checkers, etc). I tried downloading off the XP disk I received, but they ar not on ther. I have searched online HOPING that someone had them posted somewhere, but have not been able to locate the files I can download.
    Thank you for your help! It is greatly appreciated.

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