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Thread: Script/regedit: Explorer-View-Arrange Icons by-Show In Groups...

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    Script/regedit: Explorer-View-Arrange Icons by-Show In Groups...

    I want to script a customized default explorer view that is used in a custom desktop build, that is, I want to do this via reg or VBS? I also managed to get put together a reg file that puts Explorer into Details view for AllFolders, using the [HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ShellNoRoam\Bags\AllFolders\Shell] key, but the default view seems to have the View - Arrange icons by > Show in Groups Setting. I want to set the AllFolders settings to View - >Arrange Icons By > Name but have a specified entry that would work for My Computer only, with View > Arrange Icons By > Show In Groups? Please help.

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    Can you try to look at the below keys:


    At the time I was making the .INF files that create the default Windows environment in RescueBoot I was constantly perplexed by not being able to determine what undocumented registry keys controlled a specific setting. I fond out that if I simply dump the entire registry contents into a text file before and after changing a Windows setting I could use something like WinDiff to compare the 2 files and quickly see which registry keys had been changed. For user specific settings like these you only need to dump HKCU\Software.

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