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Thread: sound recorder mic not working

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    sound recorder mic not working

    Until last month I was using Windows 98 SE. I have a HP 1998 Monitor with built-in MIC which use to work fine with 98 SE. Now as my hard drive crashed, I assembled a new HDD with Windows XP. Everything is working fine but the MIC is not working anymore. I tested it several times using Sound Recorder but it wont work. I have some urgent work which requires that MIC. So can anyone please tell me how can I fix the MIC? It stopped working as soon as I installed XP or changed the hard drive.

    Thank you.

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    RE: sound recorder mic not working

    Just check device manager and see if anything showing about missing drivers. If yes, right click and update the drivers. Furthermore right click the tiny speaker icon next to your clock, click open volume control, go to properties and check recording box from playback. Also check the MIC IN, try adjusting the volume.

    As you might be knowing that sound recorder use to record only 30 seconds better download windows media encoder 9 series and select capture audio/video in the encoder.

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