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Thread: getdrivelayout: create file fail! Access Denied (ERROR)

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    getdrivelayout: create file fail! Access Denied (ERROR)

    I am constantly facing a error when I start my system. The error is "getdrivelayout: create file fail! Access Denied (ERROR)". I am trying to collect information on the same on web, but there is nothing much mentioned. I found that the issue mostly lies with a raid tool. I went in add remove program and removed it but still the problem lies the same. Can anyone help me here to fix the error message that I am facing.

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    Re: getdrivelayout: create file fail! Access Denied (ERROR)

    The error is due to some configuration utility on bootup. You have to type msconfig and find out which utility is causing the issue. Just perform clean boot and the error will be gone. Go on msconfig > startup and disable unwanted applications from there. Remove which is not required and simply restart your system. Running registry cleaner will also give you a bit help here.

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    Re: getdrivelayout: create file fail! Access Denied (ERROR)

    If you have any Via software installed in your computer then you get that kind of error that you have written in your post. Simply try to remove the Via raid tool and update all the Via drivers and software and see if the error goes away or not. I guess that the issue is only with the Raid tool, so try to uninstall it as soon as possible.

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    Re: getdrivelayout: create file fail! Access Denied (ERROR)

    Yes, if you are no running RAID setup then you have to uninstall the Raid Tool which is installed in your computer in order to solve the error message that you are getting. Also try to remove the Acronis tool from the Add and Remove Program area. If the motherboard has 2 raid controllers so the hard drive might be definitely on the Via's controller which is effecting the pc.

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