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Thread: XP's prefetch and its layout.ini files.

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    XP's prefetch and its layout.ini files.

    I was just try to clean my system files. I went insode the prefetch folder to clean stuff but there is some problem with cleaning the .ini files. I am using the command here c:\windows\prefetch\ folder/directory. There is lot of junk in my pc due to which it is getting slow day by day. I think cleaning the system will fix the issue. I had seen a huge list of files remains undeleted. How can I simply clear them. Is there any proper tool available for the same.

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    Re: XP's prefetch and its layout.ini files.

    Prefetch Cleanup can make applications to loads much faster compare to older one. The Prefetch folder here just gathers information about each program which you frequently and load it faster the next time when you access it. If you that you clean the same then your system might work slower compare to before. This helps in improving the boot time of the system. You use a good system cleaner tool. There are ample of free available on the web which you can test and checkout.

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    Even if you clean the same prefetch files will rebuild itself again. It is designed to boost your system performance. Cleaning will give you a bit help but again your system will need to work from scratch in building it back again. If you are facing problem with your system in terms of boot or slow performance then you can simply download some system tuneup utilities from web. Many are free and many are chargeable. But they offer you proper way of optimizing your systems performance.

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    I am using CCleaner here and another tune up tool. I use CCleaner regularly to wipe out unwanted files from my system. And the tune up utility just keeps on optimizing my systems performance. That makes the job more easy. You can use the command c:\windows\prefetch: del *.* through cmd if you want to completely delete everything. Tune up utilities are good option to make the system perform well and get a better output in terms of output.

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