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Thread: Windows Installer Corrupted

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    Windows Installer Corrupted

    I am having a desktop running with Windows XP Service Pack 2. Whenever I try to install or uninstall anything on my computer it gives me an error message saying “Windows installer is corrupt and can’t continue.” The problem started five days ago, earlier everything was working fine. I tried searching web and found a guy saying I should get Windows Installer from Windows update and install to get the problem fix. But unfortunately all windows updates are getting failed to install as well.

    Any idea how can I fix it? Many Thanks.

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    Hello Iksura, just checkout the following important MS Knowledge base articles regarding your problem. Hope you will get it solved:

    How to re-install Windows Installer:

    Common Windows Installer Problems

    Windows Installer 3.1 Redistributable

    Also read:

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    I dont think Windows Installer Corruption and unable to install updates are associated with each other. There could be some another problem and i feel if once you fixed the updates problem, you will be able to re-install Windows Installer as well. hence just go through the steps provided in the following KB describing You cannot install some updates or programs:

    Alternatively if you have Windows Installation CD then simply boot from the CD, go Recovery console and Repair your System. This will also fix the installer issue. You can check the following KB for the same;en-us;315341

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    Re: Windows Installer Corrupted

    Well the best solution is repair the system. It will not take more than 15 minutes and your system will be ready to work. That is the best solution i can suggest instead of going through several processes.

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