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Thread: Print Screen Function

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    Print Screen Function

    I need some help here with print screen function. It is not working on my pc. I want to take a print of email. The printer is not connected to my pc. I tried saving it but the output is scrambled. Print screen was working fine before, but somehow there is a problem with the key. It is not copying the key. Does re-installing the printer will fix the job. Can anyone help mere here in fixing the problem.

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    Re: Print Screen Function

    It looks like that the key is broken on your pc. You can use the virtual keyboard for that. It is located in Accessories. The virtual keyboard has all the functions of regular one. You just have to use your mouse to perform print screen and it really works well to some extent. Just hit the print screen button on the virtual keyboard and then press ctrl + v on paint brush. The image will appear.

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    Re: Print Screen Function

    There are some nice screen recorder software that can help you. They also offer you printscreen features. They are called as screen capture tool. You can download the same from web for free and use them to create image of your email. You can also try direct printing of the email through web access. Try to open the email on the pc and then try to print.

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    I will also recommend you to download some print screen software. That will be a much easier option. There are lite weight tools available that allows you to take instant screen images with videos also. You can also try one thing. Just hit print screen and then press ctrl + v on word and then check back.

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