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Thread: Delete Printer References In the registry

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    Delete Printer References In the registry

    I want some help here to clean all the printer references from Windows registry. I am using Windows XP SP2 system here. There are more than 4 printers installed on my system and it looks the settings are clashing with my new one. I had removed the old drivers but still there are some settings left inside. I need some help to clean windows registry also.

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    If you had removed the drivers then it is enough. I do not think you have to go in windows registry and get rid of the printer settings. Try to go in Control Panel > Add/Remove program and get rid of any additional drivers if listed there. Later on restart your system and then you can try to add your new printer. Basically there is no problem in using more than one printer on a pc. What kind of issue you are facing exactly.

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    Are you getting any problem with printing. If yes then you have to verify the printer spooler service. Just check whether it is working fine or not. You can run the net stop spooler and net start spooler command. Run the command and then test back. I am sure it will fix the issue. While I do not think the printer settings have any references left inside registry after removal.

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    Delete Printer References In the registry

    If you want to delete the printer driver references then you can follow the following link. It has got the complete explanation for the same.:

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