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Thread: How can I remove duplicate files from MP3 player?

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    How can I remove duplicate files from MP3 player?

    I am having a audio player. I had copied more than 150 songs on the same. Now there is a weird problem. I found that there are number of songs which are repeated again and again. I added more songs last night. The total is above 300 now. It is time consuming to delete and find each song manually. I want some help here to locate duplicate file name so that I can delete them with single click. Is it possible to delete all duplicate song via Windows Media Player.

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    RE: How can I remove duplicate files from MP3 player?

    You can try the same in Windows Explorer. That will be more easy. Connect the mp3 player to the pc and then open it in My Computer. Go in the mp3 folder and sort by list. Now there you can simply choose from mouse and hold control. You can select multiple audio files and delete them one by one as per your need. It is really simple and less time consuming. If you go for deleting the inside the player then it might not simply work well. Just wipe it out in Windows Explorer.

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    RE: How can I remove duplicate files from MP3 player?

    You can delete those files through Windows Explorer. Just sort by details. You can find number of columns in it where you have to click on artist or album. If all your mp3 files is having proper details then you can wipe them out easily. Or else another good way of removing those files is by using some third party programs. There are file comparison software available on web for free. But I think for that you have to copy the songs in your pc.

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    RE: How can I remove duplicate files from MP3 player?

    Download and install Free Duplicate File Finder in your pc. It is one of the best tool to deal with duplicate files. All you have to is open the folder that has same kind of files in your pc inside this folder. Then you have scan for duplicate files. It is very easy to use. There are some additional options available like you can search by file name, extension or date. It is quiet simple to use. Just try the software and then test back.

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    RE: How can I remove duplicate files from MP3 player?

    There are number of free tools available on the web which can do the job. Tools like Easy Duplicate File Finder, CloneSpy, Double Killer, AllDup, etc. All this application scans for duplicate file from your pc and then simply wipe out multiple entries. It is quiet simple to use also. But you have to use it with care. Sometime it also wipes out other files. So better scan through file name only. But if the file names are not similar then it does not work much better.

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    I'd like to recommend using this duplicate file finder to deal with unnecessary files. It has many functions, user-friendly interface, safety options and 100% efficiency.

    I use duplicate finder 2009 to remove duplicate mp3 songs from my music library, it says that it can easy move or delete duplicate files and folder.

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    Re: How can I remove duplicate files from MP3 player?

    I think you can try to use Duplicate Filter. It is a nice tool to find and remove all types of duplicate files. It may meet your needs.

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    Re: How can I remove duplicate files from MP3 player?

    hi i am facing same problem.when i used Duplicate Files Deleter software solved my problem.i think it will help to you.

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