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Thread: Missing port types : local port and Standard TCP/IP port

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    Missing port types : local port and Standard TCP/IP port

    I am working in a small office as a programmer and I dont have ay ideas about network support. One of the colleagues computer doesnt have port types "local port" and "Standard TCP/IP port" that is under files > server properties > ports > add new port > port types. I dont want to reinstall Windows XP and actually he did delete the same port types. Does anyone know how to get it back. Thanks.

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    Re: Missing port types : local port and Standard TCP/IP port

    Check if you have netsupport manager installed, then uninstall it and try again. If it is not installed, then check settings at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Monitors, you will have here multiple entries. For local port, Driver=localspl.dll and one for "Standard TCP/IP Port", Driver = tcpmon.dll. Also the dlls cant be loaded. You can detect the dependencies with depends.exe from microsoft. For tcpmon.dll these are msvcrt.dll, ws2_32.dll and spoolss.dll and the standard dlls. (msvcrt.dll could be a candidate). For localspl.dll you can download a debug-version from my homepage, which gives debug output in dbgview from sysinternals. It is renamed to ddklocalmon.dll (search for it it google newsgroup)

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    Thanks for the solution, I will give it a try and see if it works or not.

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    Alright, the solution that you gave me allowed the printer installer to add my printer and create entries for various ports. I asked microsoftr support before you replied to me and they are going to give me some suggestions as well. After getting the proper method, I will post it here. Thanks.

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