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Thread: Services.exe terminated unexpectedly and Status Code -1073741819

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    Services.exe terminated unexpectedly and Status Code -1073741819

    Two of my colleagues in the office who are using Windows XP laptop today complained that their system is not booting up. As soon as they try to login their systems, it gives an error message saying:

    “The Handle is Invalid
    NTAuthority\System Status Code -1073741819”

    Just after this error, laptop reboots itself and it keeps looping at this same stage. When I tried booting them in Safe Mode, it works fine. No error messages or any weird behavior. Does anyone else has experienced such problem ever? Is there any fix of the same?

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    Re: Services.exe terminated unexpectedly and Status Code -1073741819


    If you google this problem you will find that a lot of user got it in the last two weeks. I had the same and took the easiest solution possible.
    I did system restore to the date before this problem started (no data was lost - if you do want to secure any data go to safe mode and burn it to portable media) and then ran antivirus - found one trojan.
    To be sure this is fixed I followed advice from this website:

    Ran anti malware - found 4 infected objects. My laptop works now fine - hope it will stay this way.
    There are quite a few advices on how to get rid of this problem - but no one knows why it is happening or how to ovoid it.

    Hope this will help.

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    Re: Services.exe terminated unexpectedly and Status Code -1073741819

    Hi, I have the same problem on my laptop ("C:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exe" terminated unexpectedly), and it happens during start up, except my error code is -1073741482. I tried running system restore as suggested by Shaolinas but it won't let me run it on Safe Mode.

    Any advice or ideas? please help.


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