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Thread: Automatic Hibernate does not work

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    Automatic Hibernate does not work

    I bought this Dell XPS 400 about 6 months ago and it came preloaded with Windows XP SP2 Home edition. Everything is working except Hibernation. Don’t know why this system wont go in hibernation even after I made all the required settings by going into Power Setting options. I set it to hibernate after 45 minutes. I rechecked again and ensured that the hibernation check box is marked but yet the same problem.

    Do anyone of you have any idea what could be the reason? Please help.

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    RE: Automatic Hibernate does not work

    Hey friend, same problem here. I have changed the settings more than 10 times but still it wont go in hibernation. Mine is WIndows XP Home without any service pack. The only way to put it in hibernate is doing it manually by clicking on Start > shutdown. Hope someone here can provide us any working solution?

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    Hi Bob

    I tried using power options to hibernate (it generally does'nt work), I can't offer a solution to that problem but I can offer an alternative which is slightly more effective. It is probably due to some appllication in the background that keeps your computer busy, I would'nt know.

    Go to task scheduler set it up to run when idle after 45 mins and tell it to run this (copy it in to the run box)
    %windir%\System32\rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState
    (make sure you click run when logged on)

    Depending on your computer it may hibernate or go on to standby (but it's better than nothing)


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