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Thread: how to reduce the running processes

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    how to reduce the running processes

    My pc is getting slow day by day. I found that there is an service called as some cidaemon.exe which keeps on multiplying. This is done by other application also. I found that there is more than 40 applications active on my system. I am unable to find the reason behind that. Recently my brother has recently installed many games. I want to improve the performance by reducing the same. Does anyone has idea how to do this properly without affecting other stuff.

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    Re: how to reduce the running processes

    You can go in msconfig. Just type that in the Start > Run box and see what you get on the screen. In that look for Startup section. You can disable all the services except Microsoft services and your boot up will be improved to some extent. You can also try to remove unwanted stuff from control panel which are not required. This will be the best way to find out which all stuff is needed and which is not. It is essential that you must remove all pending stuff and that will be more than enough.

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    Removing unwanted stuff is the only way to get rid of issue you are facing. It is waste of time in disabling stuff from startup. The application cidaemon.exe is a Indexing Service of windows which works in the background. Most of the time only single application works. If there are multiple then there is a chances of having some kind of virus infection in your pc. Scan your system in safe mode and then check back. If there is virus then it will be detected and cleaned.

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