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Thread: ** DVD / CD-ROM drive disappeared **

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    ** DVD / CD-ROM drive disappeared **

    I am using a HP laptop running with Windows XP Pro and Service Pack 2. Recently i installed Visual Studio SP5 for some work. Installation went fine and i am using it successfully. But the problem is my DVD Drive disappeared. Tried restarting the laptop several times but no success. Finally when i went to Device Manager, i saw an error saying: "driver files are corrupt ( Error code: 39 )".

    I dont know what happened. But in order to fix the system i tried performing System restore, tired re-installing the drivers, but yet no success. I though to download the most recent version of driver. I went to manufacturer's website but they say there is no special driver available. At last i thought to to attempted for XP reinstallation,
    but here also it quits by saying that I already have a more recent version than the one currently being installed.

    Damn, dont know what went wrong. Can somebody please help me out with this? Many thanks.

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    Re: ** DVD / CD-ROM drive disappeared **

    Hey guys, even i have the same problem. My CD / DVD drivers disappeared after installing Service Pack 3. Is it SP3 bug? I am no more able to access my cd-dvd rom after i installed the windows royale...

    Somebody please help.

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    Re: ** DVD / CD-ROM drive disappeared **

    I am bit confused with your situation. Can you please be clear when exactly your DVD driver disappeared? is it after installing the Service Pack 3 or after installing Windows Royale ?? By the way, what is Windows Royale?

    Until you reply, i will suggest you to better go through the steps provided in the following MS KB describing Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

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    Re: ** DVD / CD-ROM drive disappeared **

    There use to be two situation, first DVD drive disappeared from both Device Manager and My Computer. Second, it only disappeared from My Computer. We will try out the solutions depending on both situations one by one.

    If it is disappeared from both places, then open up Device Manager, select you CD/DVD drive. Right click the same and click Uninstall. Restart the computer wait for some time and let windows find the new hardware itself. If it wont find, then click on "Search for new hardware" icon. The CD/DVD Rom should be auto-reinstalled with the system drivers.

    If still you facing the problem then go to any driver download site and look for a compatible driver, once you have it on your HD, execute the driver so it to install it on the driver cache or drop it in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers if it's a "driver.sys" file.

    Now the second situation. If it is disappeared only from My Computer but visible in Device Manager, then Try Tweak UI to recall the drive letter. It is called Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP which can be downloaded from here. Download and install the same on My Computer\Drives\right pane, select the C check box.

    Hope it helps.

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    Re: ** DVD / CD-ROM drive disappeared **

    Here are some articles which i think will be useful for you guys fixing the said problem.

    Win XP Fixes: Restore CD/DVD Drives to Explorer

    You can no longer access the CD drive or the DVD drive, or you receive an error message after you remove a CD recording program or a DVD recording program in Windows XP: "error code 31"

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