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Thread: Kernel stack inpage error?

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    Kernel stack inpage error?

    Hope someone can help me out with this. I have an Acer laptop running with Windows XP Pro edition. About 3 months ago I reformatted my entire hard drive and did fresh windows installation. It was working fine until 2 days ago. Now every now and then the system crashes with an error message saying:

    “Kernel stack inpage error.”

    I don’t know what does that means. The BSOD appears 4 to 5 times a day. I tried searching help on web but dint found anything working. Even tried contacting Acer but dint received any help from their end. So I wish if someone here can please provide me any working solution for this error message.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Kernel stack inpage error?

    There could be several reasons for this crash, but the most common reason that use to be is a faulty driver. Are you sure you haven't uninstalled, re-installed any drivers recently? Or any kind of changes done to the system? If not sure, lets check out the same by going through the following steps:
    1) Windows Key + R
    2) Type in 'verifier' and hit enter
    3) Make sure 'Create Standard Setting' is selected and hit next
    4) Click on 'Select all drivers installed on this computer' and hit Finish
    5) Reboot

    If the system crashes during reboot then start tapping F8 to get to the boot menu option, and select Safe Mode. Follow the same steps above but on step 4 choose 'Select driver names from a list'; hit next; check the box next to any driver where the provider is not Microsoft; hit Finish; reboot.

    If you have any faulty driver, this will detect the same and let you know. Apart from this if next time you see the bsod it should be probably saying "DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION". In this case you should send the
    corresponding minidump (by default it is at c:\windows\Minidump ) to me. I will let you know the fix after analyzing the same.

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