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    I am getting a swflash.ocx error on my screen. I had installed a screen saver on my pc. The screen saver is having nice flashy effect based on spider man them. I had configured the screen saver on 10mins idle time. When it launches I am getting a error on the screen about some swflash.ocx. It is not at all working well. I tried a number of options to fix the problem I am facing, but still it fails. I re-installed the screensaver also. I hope there will be some option available to fix the issue.

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    Re: swflash.ocx

    The problem lies with Shockwave Flash. It is essential that you must install that in your pc and then check back. You can go on the official website of Macromedia and download the most latest flash player. Update that in your system and then check back. I am sure that will be enough to fix the issue you are facing. If this screen saver still does not work then just get some other one. There can be problem with the same.

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    Try to update your video drivers and then check back. If you face the error after installing flash. The screensaver might be having some 3d effects which will not work properly on the regular or outdated drivers. Update your video drivers and then check back. The swflash.ocx file normally lies in the system32 folder. Look for Macromed and then go in the flash folder. If the file is present then the issue might be with the video driver.

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