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Thread: Repair/Reinstall mshtml.dll

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    Repair/Reinstall mshtml.dll

    I’m facing some serious problem with my Outlook Express on Windows XP. Whenever I try to print a normal email also it crashes with the following error message:

    Error Signature:
    AppName: msimn.exe
    App Version: 6.0.2900.5512
    ModName: mshtml.dll
    Mod Version: 8.0.6001.18372
    Offset: 002149F0

    I though system restore can fix the problem but no. It even crashes in the Safe mode. Any idea what is wrong? DO I need to re-install the same again? If yes, what about my backup.

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    Re: Repair/Reinstall mshtml.dll

    It seems like i have fixed the problem. When i was searching Google for this issue i came through various articles which says the problem is actually with Internet Explorer and not the Outlook. So far i was using Firefox. What is did id download IE and overwritten my IE7. Doing this seems like it has repaired the mshtml.dll. And now there is no more problem with printing emails from Outlook Express.

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