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Thread: can't play dvd with windows media player 11

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    can't play dvd with windows media player 11

    Hello, I can't play dvd's on my laptop running windows xp pro sp3 with windows media player 11. when I try to play the dvd it tells me that i do not have the proper codec. So I installed PowerDVD 7.0. Now I can play my dvds with PowerDVD 7.0 just fine but not in wmp. Every time I insert a dvd the PowerDVD program immediately opens. How can I play dvds with WMP?

    my friends laptop running xp pro sp3 i just pop in the dvd and a menu comes up asking if I want to play with windows media player, power dvd, real player, quick time etc. so I choose wmp and the dvd plays just fine.

    Please help me be able to play dvds on windows media player...

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    Re: can't play dvd with windows media player 11

    Can be issue with autoplay in your system. You can reconfigure the same back again. All you need to do is right click on the cd/dvd drive and choose Autoplay tab. In that you can choose the content type as dvd. You can simply configure this as you want. But if there is a problem with dvd viewing then I will recommend you to download a better third party driver that will work more properly.There are ample of video players available which you can go for.

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    Re: can't play dvd with windows media player 11

    Hello, I appreciate your reply.

    I have followed the steps that you mentioned and I was able to select "Prompt me each time to chose an action" for DVD.

    Now when I insert the dvd movie I get the pop up prompt to select which player I would like to use (WMP or PowerDVD.

    However, when I select “WMP” the “WMP” program opens briefly and then closes and PowerDVD opens and begins to play the movie.

    I don’t understand why my laptop is doing this as I have checked the settings on my friends laptop and we can select either WMP or PowerDVD and the DVD plays properly in both players.

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    There are ample of codec available on the web that you can try out. You can simply install keep your system updated with latest codec so that it can read everything. This kind of issue appear the system lacks appropriate codec. You can download a Media Player codec pack from the web and then check back the same. I am sure that will be enough to fix the issue you are facing.

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