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Thread: which laptop best for video editing and movie making?

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    which laptop best for video editing and movie making?

    I want to buy a laptop that can be used for camcorder video. The Tape based video will be able to ease the requirements on the pc which is a good option. The best brands that I want to buy would be HP. Sone was having some issues about sometime back. Toshiba is also good, but if Dell would be good, then what specs of Dell should I take? How much storage will be enough and also how much amount of ram. Is there any video card requirements for video editing? Thanks for the complete information.

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    RE: which laptop best for video editing and movie making?

    You can go with the Intel manufacturer's pc products which will be an ideal choice and not 2nd party, these are also very stable and durable. You can do video editing, can try also with Windows Media Player, also for converting files and recording to the computer, also Windows Encoder 9 series and its utilities would be also helpful.

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    What kind of camcorder do you have, like for example, what DV, HD or what? It seems you dont actually own a camcorder but you are thinking of DV, is that right? Are you able to hear voices? Normally, the brands all use same components from a small source of OEM's, from MoBo's through to screen type, etc. There is a whole heap of factors to consider, from FSB, connections, what bloatware will be bundled with your new purchase, RAM, HDD etc.

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    I think that the best laptop suitable for photo and video editing is the one that has the highest memory and that can also enable you with multi-tasking. You can try to avoid those with low processor and netbooks. I will suggest you laptops with Intel Core 2 Duo processor which is very reliable and worthit.

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    I would recommend you to get a Toshiba Qosmio laptop. Those are specifically made for what ever you have listed and some of them also come with Quad Core Intel Cpus. But incase you want some high end gaming or multimedia laptop, then they cant be beaten. Hope that this helps you out.

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