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Thread: Windows Live Messenger Internet Connection Problem

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    Windows Live Messenger Internet Connection Problem

    Yesterday I installed Windows Live Messenger on my system to do Video chat with my colleagues who have gone out for some official work. Installation and setup went fine but as soon as I start the Video call, suddenly both video and sound goes choppy. While troubleshooting the same I came to know that Messenger is saying that I’m connected to a non-UPnP symmetric NAT. Let me assure that I have already set my router to enable the same. I’ve also allowed it through the router’s firewall. Apart from this I had also tried forwarding all the ports for video chat and voice but still having the same problem.

    Any idea what else do I need to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Windows Live Messenger Internet Connection Problem

    After reading your issue, it is clear that there must be some kind of issue with your internet connection. Either your internet connection is breaking or the speed of your internet is low enough which is not supporting Video chat in your system. Usually Video chatting requires a little high internet speed for the chatting to be carried smoothly without much disturbance. So i would recommend you to get an Internet connection with high speed and then try. Reply if your problem gets solved. Thank you.

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