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Thread: WMP 11 doesn't recognize blank CD-R disc

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    WMP 11 doesn't recognize blank CD-R disc

    I am using WMP 11 in Windows XP SP2 and am having some problem after using it for a while. If I am trying to burn a blank audio, then WMP will not detect the disc and the player will no eject the disc? It happens with every brand of disc I have tried. WMP is able to play audio cds and also showing album and trach information for the discs. The Roxio software is able to recognize a blank CD and burn it fine. What is the problem with WMP then?

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    Re: WMP 11 doesn't recognize blank CD-R disc

    Since you already have Roxio with you then why are you trying to use WMP to burn CDs. You can use any one of them but cannot use both since they might conflict with each other.

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    If you have Roxio then there is probably a conflict.
    Go to Startup. then Run, then type msconfig, then click on startup and lock for a program called roxio dragtodisk and uncheck it then restart computer. I had the same problem and after I did this wmp11 would burn again.

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