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Thread: a problem is preventing windows from accurately checking the license

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    a problem is preventing windows from accurately checking the licen

    I am having a Windows HP Home system. The model is Win XP Home SP3. Now there was some serious virus problem in my pc. So I was just working hard to clean my pc. After multiple scans I found that the system is no not having any virus. But now after boot there was a error. I am facing some problem with license check here. My system is not showing any legit OS copy. I tried to activate it back again but still it is not working.

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    You can try system restore. But that will restore the threat back. Atleast you can try the same. Later on you can go ahead with the activation process. Many branded system comes with a recovery image. Just backup your data first and run the full recovery. This will fix the problem you are facing. The system recovery will also wipe out the virus and install legit copy of windows back in your pc. I always do this incase of problem. You just need to maintain a good habit of data backup.

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    Re: a problem is preventing windows from accurately checking the l

    Don't go for system restore. This is really a weird problem. I never found such issue. A virus cannot wipe out your windows key. Restoring the entire pc is another good way to fix the pc instantly. But there is one more thing that can help you. Try to run system repair setup. You can do that by windows xp disc and it works fine without modifying your system files. If you have the documents of your system then in that you can locate the license key.

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    Re: a problem is preventing windows from accurately checking the l

    Ample of branded system comes with some set of CD's that helps to restore the pc back to original system and install drivers also. You can check those disc for the license key. That is one of the best way to get rid of issue you are facing. There might be some serious changes in the system files due to which you got the problem. A proper system restore is more than enough to help you in fixing the problem. System recovery will work fine, but that will wipe out everything from your system.

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    Did you tried to re-activate your windows. It is really weird that due to virus your license key is wiped out. This kind of issue only appear when you are using a pirated copy of windows. I will advice you to activate the key back again. There is on way you can retrieve that key if lost. You have to check the cd's and documents. You can try any windows xp cd for installing but the key is required for completing the system. I hope the recovery image is still saved in your system.

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