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Thread: Error 80072ee2 in Messenger

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    Error 80072ee2 in Messenger

    I have a laptop as well as a desktop running with Windows XP SP3. Both of MSN Messenger 2009 installed. Two days ago suddenly the messenger on desktop stopped showing up the contact list. I went through few troubleshooting steps where I saw Error 80072EFD several times. Final after an hour troubleshoot I was able to fix the problem by re-registering some DLL's as mentioned in one of the Microsoft KB Articles.

    That problem got fixed but now I continuously keep getting Error Code 80072EE2. I tried to search help regarding this as well on MS but just the thing I received is it can be fixed by Windows Update. I tried it several times but no help.

    Can anyone here please tell me how can get rid of this error?

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    RE: Error 80072ee2 in Messenger

    The error code you have mentioned is actually related to Windows Update. So I think this is what you need:

    How do I reset Windows Update components?

    Apart from this, just check the solution here provided for error 80072ee2

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