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Thread: Add missing input language

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    Add missing input language

    I am using Windows XP Pro. The default language which was installed at the time of setup was English. Later on I had slipstreamed XP with only required packages and used it for installation. I am trying to add greek in the input language, but it does not seems to be working. I am able to find out the files which are associated with the input language or keyboard layout. Somehow it is not allowing to put greek in the selection list. I want to use Greek as default input language and some how looking for a way that can allow me to add at as a deafult input option.

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    Re: Add missing input language

    There is no way to add a single language, but you can inject a complete language pack in the same. The language pack is integrated through Install.wim. So it is one of the most complicated part when you are slip-streaming windows xp. Ample of time this may fail. The most you can do is use a manual way configuring the default input language.

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    Re: Add missing input language

    You can try to run Windows update and there you will be shown different list of updates which can be installed in your computer. You might need to unhide some of the optional updates and search for the language pack that you want to install. You can also go to the Microsoft's website and then download the language pack from there as well.

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    Re: Add missing input language

    The issue that you are facing might be occuring if you have a Group Policy setting that prevents you from accessing Control Panel in Microsoft Windows XP. By design, you must have access to Control Panel to turn on the Language bar. To solve this issue you can follow the method given in this link here - Hope this helps you out.

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