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Thread: Windows Movie Maker will not play avi file

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    Windows Movie Maker will not play avi file

    I am having some avi files with me which are not working in Windows Movie Maker. I am creating a movie by merging them all together. I had imported the file in movie maker. But when I try to play them movie maker crashes. While the files work separately on a different media player. I am still not able to understand why movie maker just crashed with the avi files. The files are copied from a camcorder.

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    Just one by one check whether all files are proper or not. Sometime due to damage file this kind of issue appear. The second thing you can do is download a good convertor on your pc. Convert your avi files to mp4 and then check back. Mp4 is the most commonly played video file format and works really well. It is necessary that you must convert it in a readable format and then check back. Compare to any other format mp4 works more properly.

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    The issue lies with improper codec. You will need to download fresh codecs in your system. You can find a vista codec pack or something similar for windows xp. Download and install that in your pc. I am sure that will enough to deal with the crash issue you are facing. The codec pack is available for free on web. Converting mp4 files is not a solution. Once you add the codec movie maker will read ample of video formats without issue.

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