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Thread: Windows Movie Maker: No Sound, Audio Input "Greyed" out

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    Windows Movie Maker: No Sound, Audio Input "Greyed" out

    Hi, I have few Video clips recorded via Dazzle DVC100. When I import those videos in my Windows XP computer using Windows Movie Maker, it imports fine but the Audio Input option seems to be grayed out. It wont allow me to make any changes in the Audio stuff. Also when I burned the movie as it is on DVD I found that there is no Audio. At the same time when I import those raw videos in Pinnacle Movie Studio 12, Audio and Video both works fine.

    Can anyone please tell me what could be the problem with Movie Maker? I want to create my movie with this only as it is much familiar to me. All advices appreciated.

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    Re: Windows Movie Maker: No Sound, Audio Input "Greyed" out

    Windows Movie Maker is limited with File compatibility in Windows XP. Hence those problems are obvious to occur. If you don’t want to go with any other Movie maker than what you need to do is download a Video converter and convert those RAW videos in WMV format and then import into Movie Maker. It will work fine.

    For you knowledge, you can check out the following articles to know :

    1. Which file type should I use in Movie Maker?

    2. File type compatibility with Movie Maker

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    RE: Windows Movie Maker: No Sound, Audio Input "Greyed" out

    The best way i know about capturing video on PC using any video capture card including Dazzle DVC100 is once the card is installed to pc,boot into xp,then install drivers only from its cd or downloaded software,end the install at this point.For your video capture software,download Microsoft encoder 9 series,get its utilities also. The encoder will capture,or simply view contents playing,it also will convert video or audio from analog devices..

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