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Thread: Restrict a user's access during certain times..

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    Restrict a user's access during certain times..

    I don’t know how to explain this but let me try my best. I am having windows xp desktop computer with 3 user accounts, Admin for me, second user account for my wife and 3rd is common for other people in my family. Now due to some reason I want to put some restrictions such that no one should be able to login on this PC in certain period of time. Yes, I mean in CERTAIN period of time like 10 am to 1 Pm or 5 Pm to 10 PM, etc. Users should not be able to login during this period.

    I know how to restrict apps or internet access on a PC, I have already done this using Windows SteadyState but I don’t think that could work here how I want. Here I want a user to restrict from doing anything on this pc. Is there any such technique? Please help.

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    Re: Restrict a user's access during certain times..

    Very difficult to make it work but yet you should try out some Parental Control software. Hope they will allow you to do what you actually want. The one I know very well is the Net Nanny that will protect kids from various stuffs on Internet as well as you can also restrict programs for user accounts. But the only drawback of this applications is that it makes the user know that they are blocked for that particular programs. But there is nothing to worry you just need to do a bit search on Google about parental control applications.

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    Re: Restrict a user's access during certain times..

    Net nanny sounds good, I have heard about this many times. I think I should give it a try. I’ll try installing it in my account (Administrator) and hope it can control / restrict other users. But the problem is I cannot restrict internet access for certain users all of a sudden. So what I need to do is will it be ok if I throttle bandwidth to dialup speed ?This will frustrate them surfing internet and they will quit themselves using my system.

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    Re: Restrict a user's access during certain times..

    I wanted to do the same for my son but could not do as he would interfere the boot process and change the time some how and the restrictions were getting bypassed. I installed kidlogger to log his habits and also user the ner user command in win XP command prompt to impose the restrictions.

    For using the restrictions please ensure the following
    1. You have the Admin rights and the child has to be a limited user only
    2. Install the Kid logger
    3. Open the command prompt from Start--> Run--> cmd "Enter"
    your black screen comes up and there you have to type the following commands
    to add restrictions i.e. give restrictions from 14-15 every day
    ner user username password/times:Su-Sa,14-15;

    to remove restrictions:

    # net user username password/*] /times:all

    Note the user names and passwords are of the user.
    Also I restricted the user from changing the password.

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