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Thread: Dualview Multiple Monitors

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    Dualview Multiple Monitors

    I use a Dual view monitor fine with a laptop, with docking station and 2 external monitors, that is, even the laptop is in the docking station. I am not using the laptop's screen but 2 external monitors using Dual View. Actually, when I undock the computer and restart the computer, then the windows appear fine on the laptops monitor. But in some cases, where the window had last been on external monitor 2, the window opens "off screen". I meant that it is trying to reside in a space to the right of the laptop monitor, that is, on external monitor 2, which is no longer there. I am not able to retrive these windows. After using tools like alt+tab they dont bring them back to the one and only one active monitor. I am not able to reach them with the mouse so I cannot drag them back into the laptops window. Can anyone tell me a way to hook into these out of view windows and drag them back to the onle active monitor? Thanks.

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    Re: Dualview Multiple Monitors

    You can try to right click the programs button in the taskbar and select move and then use the cursor arrow keys. Note that after you hit a cursor key once the mouse may grab it and you use that to move it the rest of the way.

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    Re: Dualview Multiple Monitors

    Thank you very much that worked roperly. Also, I got another question. There are some programs that dont have buttons in the taskbar when opened, that is, the icond only resides inthe system tray. When they are off the screen, then how can I move them front and center, since right clicking on the system tray icon does not bring up the Move choice? Thanks.

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    Re: Dualview Multiple Monitors

    The only thing that I can thing is to always keep them on the first monitor, I dont really know, but maybe someone else might have some better idea.

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