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Thread: Windows Movie Maker file won't open

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    Windows Movie Maker file won't open

    I am using a Windows XP system with Movie Maker 2.1. yes, I have Service Pack 3 installed. I had created a project in Movie Maker after hard working of a week and burned it on few DVDs. After about 5 burning when I tried to burn the same for the sixth time It freezed and became unresponsive. As the project was saved on my hard drive I closed and tried re-opening the same but it ended up saying:

    “Can not be opened because it is not a valid Windows Movie Maker project file”

    I don’t know what could be the reason behind this because the file was working fine, already burned it on 5 DVDs and now when trying to open WMM project in the same WMM, it says “Not valid”. Isn’t it strange? Any fix for the same please?

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    RE: Windows Movie Maker file won't open

    adrin, Did you get a response to this? How did you fix it?

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    Are you guys sure that you haven't replaced of moved any of the file which were used for making the project in Movie Maker? Because the one reason that may result in this error is .mswmm file. It is WMM Project file used for re-opening in Movie Maker for re-editing purposes. It does not include the source files photos,videos, music it simply records the path to the original locations the files were imported from on the machine it was created on.

    If not, then better try restarting the PC ones and try to open the project file again in Movie maker. Let me know the results.

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