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Thread: SD card reader problem

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    SD card reader problem

    I recently bought a SD card and inserted it into the reader on my HP laptop but I didnt get any dialog popup for the options to select. It seems to have started from day before yesterday. I am on Windows XP, can anyone tell me how to solve this issue? Thanks.

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    Re: SD card reader problem

    Can you tell me how large is the card? The gateway machine is able to read cards upto 1gb just properly. The 2gb it says something less than 1gb and is not able to read anything. Even though, it just doesnt see at all. Thanks.

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    Re: SD card reader problem

    I dont know how big is this card but it seems that I can go into my computer and then double click on the drive and open it up there.

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    Re: SD card reader problem

    Well, that is kind of weird but atleast that is working.

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