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Thread: Boot slow 2min delay constant

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    Boot slow 2min delay constant

    When I turn on pc power then a constant 2 minutes delay in the boot sequence occurs. After powering on, I can see the IBM logo and Windows splash screen with moving blue buttons, after splash screen goes black there is 120sec delay before I get the next screen which is GMT/IDL, followed by screen to choose the user so that I can login. Sometime back this pc's hard drive was reformatted and XP with SP3 was reinstalled with the latest bios. It was done because of removing some files while removing a virus. So after this the delay started to happen. Does anyone know what to do to get this issue fixed? Thanks

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    Re: Boot slow 2min delay constant

    It could be that when you try to shut down, restart, or start your computer, the Chkdsk.exe or the Autochk.exe program may start automatically and start to scan your hard disks. This issue occurs without any user interaction. So to solve this issue, follow the steps given here -

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    You can try a custom pagefile of initial=2 and max=recommended size.

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