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Thread: Folders locked in Read Only

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    Folders locked in Read Only

    I have searched for this issue but I think that I am using the wrong words for it. I am actually trying to set folder types in Windows Explorer to Music so my Zune software will find the folders. If I go to the customize tab of the folder properties window I can select the proper type and apply it, but once I leave properties, the types reverts to general documents, My files are either .wma or .wmv plus album art. All of that usually work in WMP. Can anyone please help.

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    Re: Folders locked in Read Only

    Normally, the read only attribute does not apply to folders, thats why you will see the checkmark grayed out. I dont know why your selection of folder type isnt sticking?

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    Re: Folders locked in Read Only

    I have read from some microsoft kb articles who had referred to the need to remove the Read Only attribute to free up the Folder Type attribute. That is the only reason I went after it thats why. Thanks

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    Re: Folders locked in Read Only

    Check the below article and see if it works for you:

    You cannot view or change the Read-only or the System attributes of folders in Windows Server 2003, in Windows XP, or in Windows Vista

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    I have an extreme example of this read-only folder deal.
    I am trying to run iTunes on my little sister's Dell laptop (note that this is a dell that is screwing up...don't buy from dell.)
    the specs on this laptop are not important, but it's a "craptop" (I've named it on its network).
    When I run iTunes it shows me a message saying that the folder "iTunes" cannot be found or created and is required for iTunes to run. It says that the default location of the folder is under "My Music". I've created a folder inside it manually, but iTunes still provides this message.
    I looked at the "My Music" folder, and I found that it was set as read-only, so I unchecked it and went through the same realizations as the previous folks in this discussion.

    The variation on what's already been said:
    Every folder on the hard drive is set as read-only. I believe that an anti-spyware program did this to make the drive more "secure" against virus-based file modification (probably Spybot).
    Using Windows Explorer I can create delete and modify folders and all other files.
    I've used the terminal (command-prompt) to run a command to recursively un-read-only every file and folder on the hard drive, but it didn't work. here's the command-line:
    attrib -R "C:\*.*" /R /S
    I'm writing that from memory, so I hope it is right.

    It took around 10 minutes to run, and it skipped most of the files because they were "hidden", but the ones that weren't hidden were also unchanged.

    I used the instructions outlined on your Microsoft link.
    I did everything you said, and it still does not work. It unregistered all the folders that were system folders, but the Read-only status has not changed. Furthermore, iTunes provides the same lovely message, proving you are wrong.
    Don't get me wrong: I hate Apple and its products, but this kind of mistake on Microsoft's count is going to destroy MS's rep.

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    I ended up wiping and reinstalling XP. The file system works properly now. XP is dead.

    I'm going to wipe again and turn the crappy laptop into a home file server...assuming there's any real use in it (have to consider usefulness to my family, since I'll be gone at college most of the time).

    I might use it as a media PC in front of the TV--cant do HD media, but 2-channel music and DVD's will play on it.

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