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Thread: PCI TV Tuner for Windows XP x64

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    PCI TV Tuner for Windows XP x64

    It is almost two years now my Windows XP system working very well. Now I am planing to add a TV Tuner card in my system. The OS that I have is Windows XP 64bit. The TV Tuner card that I am planing to buy is of Hauppuage. It is the one that my friend is using and I think it will work quiet fine. But as the system is 64 bit I am having a doubt before buying the same. I want some suggestion on the same. I had seen people suffer from compatibility issues on a 64bit system. How can I find that the TV Tuner card I have will work well on 64bit platform also.

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    For x64 edition system it is a bit complicated to find the right TV tuner card. There can be driver issue with it. The two that I had found will work well is Encore ENLTV-FM and Kozumi KTV-01C. This both cards are having drivers for 64bit Vista also. I am not sure about Windows XP here. I think it will work on XP also. You must search for some popular tv tuner card first and then look for its compatible driver. That will give you a proper way which to buy and which do not.

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    Re: PCI TV Tuner for Windows XP x64

    I have a old AMD system. It is based on 64bit hardware. My cpu is AMD Athlon. I had bought Hauppauge HVR-1600 PCI tv tuner card to hook my cable tv on media center. First when I purchased it was not working. I thought Media Center is not detecting the card. I tried many settings, re-installed drivers, but nothing worked out. In Device Manager I can see that there is updated drivers. Still it is not being detected and cannot play any channel. I had already bought a TV tuner card and yet it looks that I cannot use it on 64bit OS. I installed Windows XP 32bit on my system through vmware. On that the card is working.

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    I am also not having any clue. I have a TV Tuner card connected on Vista 64 Ultimate system. The card came with the system itself and Vista was pre-installed. The card work fine I can see all channels. I am using Windows Media Center here. I an not aware about the chipset but the card used inside it is hauppauge wintv. There is one more thing you can do. There are direct antenna that you can buy and hook on your system. This works sometime if you can locate the right pc suite viewer.

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