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Thread: Installing Windows XP 64bit through USB

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    Installing Windows XP 64bit through USB

    I have a bootable disc of Windows XP 64bit. I had created a bootable flash drive using the CD. My CD/DVD rom is not working. I had created a bootable flash drive on his laptop and now wants to re-install Windows from the usb drive. But I am not able to get it working. I tried to configure the same through different number of hardware, but not able to boot from the usb drive. Is there some issue with the 64bit edition of Windows XP. Can anyone recommend some tool that can do this job. Thanks.

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    What I know about this, if you leave the embedded edition, there is less chances you can use the usb to boot or install Windows XP 64 bit. There is some driver issue. But still I had seen on some forums people had managed to do the same. Even if it worked there would be a number of bugs and crashes. The installation will not be stable at all. The 64bit edition already faces a major issue with driver compatibility. Go on the bios and check that you have option called as boot from usb. It is listed some where under integrated peripheral option. If you cannot find this, then there is no way you can boot through a usb device as the bios itself does not support it.

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    If there is a driver for XP 64bit then only the hardware will work. Or there is no other way you can make your system work from a usb drive. This is a common bug in old system. I had seen some people provided a guide which includes the steps of flashing bios. If that works properly then you can try to boot. You can arrange for a working CD/DVD rom for sometime and return it when your job is done. If you need to install 32Bit then there would be more alternative available.

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    There are number of threads which are based on the same query. I have dual hard drive configured in my system. One of them is SATA while other one is IDE. Now for IDE the setup is fine, while for SATA the bootable disc does not detect it. As there is no driver provided in the DVD. Through a different media you can try to use the Sata driver. But for that you will need the CD/DVD drive only. If your bios is not detecting the pen drive, then it is worthless to try number of things for running the setup.

    Limited OEM driver support is available with F6 during Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 setup

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    What are you trying to do actually. You had not clearly defined what system you have. Is it a desktop or laptop. If it is a desktop then mention here the full system specification with all information related to chipset. On that basis it will be easy to provide you information on installing Windows 64bit. The major issue with installation of 64bit Windows is the driver as mentioned above.

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    That is the reason I keep a image file ready with me. There are software like Acronis, Norton Ghost, etc. You can try them to keep a complete image file ready of your system. So that if something happens, your system crashes you can restore it instantly. It is much better and easier to handle. You can run a common image file on multiple system. But the hardware should be similar. Any changes will led to system crash. For systems which have conflict with drivers, you cannot simply use anything.

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